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Do you need a fall vacation? Here are some perfect fall destinations to ease away your troubles. Whether you stay for a week or just a weekend you are sure to come home relaxed and ready to take one the daily grind.

Yellowstone National Park – Yellowstone is a great fall getaway for the whole family. Fall is the peak of mating season, all of the animals will be very active, this is the time when you can see the most of them. Activities include;

  • Wildlife viewing including bears, elf, wolves, bighorn sheep, bison, moose and a whole bunch more.
  • Old Faithful is the one of the things that attracts many people to Yellowstone and you can see it erupt about every two hours.
  • Mammoth hot spring area is a a great place to take a dip in what is known as the boiling River.

Outdoor Getaways This Fall

Paradise Inn – This lodge is located in Rainer National Park in Washington. This another family friendly vacation but you can stay at the lodge instead of camping and still be able to enjoy nature. Activities include;

  • 240 miles of trails you can hike through.
  • Fishing from naturally populated streams.
  • Guided learning and history walks from a park naturalist.


Illinois Starved Rock National Park – Know to be the states top attraction, this park is one of the best places to go during fall. The main attraction for fall visitors is its beautiful fall foliage. Activities include;

  • You can see waterfalls in 14 of the 18 canyons you can go for a hike in.
  • There are wineries and breweries that boost locally grown grapes and locally produced beers.
  • The Hegeler-Carus Mansion is the most important like to German history of its time and is part of the blue star museum program.


Telluride Colorado – Telluride is another place you can go to see wonderful fall foliage. It is also a historic mining town with Victorian house lining the streets. Activities include;

  • Year-round fly fishing in crystal clear streams and rivers.
  • With over 20 annual festivals hosted in this town its easy to plan your stay during an event you will enjoy.
  • There is also the art district with every type of art and a local art walk.

telluride co

Lansdowne Resort and Spa in Loudoun Virginia– The scenery in fall is picturesque and you only have to take a short drive from the resort to see them all. The best part of visiting in fall is its harvest season which means the wineries will be in full swing. Activities include;

  • Of course there is the spa to relax away your day in
  • There are dozens of wineries to choose from that have some of the best wine available.
  • The fall and music festivals entice people to drive hours to enjoy and partake in the festivities.


Pfeiffer Beach California– This is one beach that is better to visit in the fall. The summer crowd has cleared out and you won’t have to hunt for a good spot to park or take some great pictures. You can expect to find many beautiful scenic pull offs and parking spots are only a five minute walk from the beach. Activities include;

  • Pfeiffer Beach is famous for is purple sands made from the minerals and you can even find areas of concentrated garnet.
  • You can enjoy the famous sunsets that make the sky purple pink and orange and the ocean sparkle.
  • You can shop in many of the antique shops that line many of the streets close to the beach.


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