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Are you planning a camping trip any time soon? Here are the best ways to get it your campfire up and roaring.

Whether you are backpacking through the mountains or hanging in your backyard, it’s always good to know how to build the perfect campfire. Luckily, there are many techniques to get a roaring bonfire or a simple marshmallow melting blaze.

starting campfiresThe most simplistic and complicated fires start with two things; a fuel or material, and a build technique. There is something so exciting about creating a campfire with nothing more than a few pieces of kindling and a spark. Whichever material you choose to get started, you never want to use something like gasoline to start a fire, It can grow out of control faster than you think. (Plus, that’s basically cheating!)

Once you get your campfire going, you don’t want to have to keep fueling it or moving logs around, you want to sit back and watch the flames dance or make sure food is cooking properly. One of the most important things to remember when creating a campfire is your build, or how you set up your wood from the beginning.

The main component in any fire is going to be the build. How well you start your campfire determines how many times you have to relight it or move logs around. When you are starting any fire, always start with a tipi in the center. Just lean your kindling together so they all meet in the center. This gives every size of campfire you want to build a core to keep it going.

•Star fire-This type of campfire is slow-burning and needs little maintenance. This type of build is going to be your best bet for campsite fires. Just keep it compact and slow feed your logs into the fire.

1. Start out with a mini tipi in the center
2. After you have the flames going, place your logs in a five-point star.
3. Enjoy a cozy fire all night as your fire practically feeds itself as the logs slide down the center as they burn down and outwards.

•Lean-to fire– If it is windy or wet where you are starting your fire this is the build for you. It will keep your core going and create a windbreak.

1. Get your tipi going in the center.
2. Stack up some logs to create a windbreak and then lay long smaller ones above your tipi. Make sure they are small enough to let your fire breathe without it getting blown out.
3. Once the smaller stuff burns out, you can put your larger sticks on the lean-to and they will withstand the wind. This campfire is great for cooking as the lean-to provides the perfect windbreak for an even cook.

•Log cabin fire-This is the optimum build for a nice family campfire. It gives you a great bed of coals for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs.

1. Start your tipi in the center.
2. Start stacking larger logs on both sides, alternating directions, creating a log cabin look.
3. Light it from the bottom and as it burns up, it will create the perfect bed of coals.

No matter what size fire you want or your skill level, these different builds are all you need to know how to create a perfect campfire every time. Now the only thing you need to do is determine which would be best for you and what type or source to start it from.

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