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Cycling in the Southwest is unlike any other. From beautiful desert landscapes with endless horizons to a rainbow of foliage. Cycling offers an excellent way to experience miles and miles of geological history and captivation. As opposed to travelling by foot, a bicycle gives the opportunity to cover more ground in less time. Traveling the terrain on a bicycle is an opportunity to hear all the sounds the earth makes and smell all the smells. Before picking up a bicycle and exploring it is important to take all the necessary safety precautions. This includes a fitted helmet, appropriate footwear, head and tail lights as well as learning bike road etiquette. Most importantly, do not forget to hydrate!

Best Cycling In The Southwest

  1. Moab, Utah- The Whole Enchilada

Moab is a very popular destination for all things outdoors so researching the perfect level of trail is very easy. The Whole Enchilada is a 25-mile ride that covers every type of riding. Expert riders suggest starting small and working your way up to the entire trail. There are steep uphill climbs and tricky descents that will test the skills of every rider. The trail passes through multiple, different terrains making for a very scenic ride.

  1. Phoenix, Arizona- Black Canyon Trail

The Bradshaw Mountains is the outdoor gem of Arizona. The beautiful landscape makes it perfect for any adventure. The Black Canyon Trail is a 60-mile ride along the Prescott National Forest through the Sonoran Desert. The most challenging component of this trail is the different landscapes and the supplies needed for each one. If you plan to tackle the entire ride packing different essentials for each climate is imperative. This trail also makes it easy to pick and choose certain parts of the trail for quick day trip rides.

  1. Albuquerque, New Mexico- White Mesa Bike Trails

This part of the southwest has a unique climate that makes it ideal for winter rides. Albuquerque rarely gets a lot of snow so as long as you have the right attire, a winter ride is quite pleasant. This area has about 8 miles of different trails to explore that can be done in a quick morning ride or a full day of navigating the rocky terrain.

  1. Boulder City, Nevada- Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park

This internationally known park is recognized for its downhill biking fun. Featured in the park is 36 miles of interconnecting trails that wind through different landscapes such as the Nevada desert and a special glimpse of Lake Mead. These trails are all interconnected which makes it perfect for any level of rider to pick their route.

  1. Bryce & Zion National Parks, Utah

One of the most beautiful outdoor destinations, these two national parks feature sandstone cliff, red rock canyons, and about 240 million years of geological history. There are a ridiculous number of trails available to choose from which makes finding the perfect ride easy. A couple favorites are the Thunder Mountain Trailhead and Coyote Hollow road. It is crucial to research the most appropriate route for each rider’s skill level and pack appropriately.

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