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The first thing that most people think about taking on a camping trip is snacks. Trail mix or granola bars make a quick easy to eat pick me up at any time. Jerky (or Primal strips for vegetarians) can be a more satisfying bite, especially during the madness or settling in. For those who want a healthier option, many stores sell small cups of fruit cocktail, applesauce, or even vegetable. The added benefit of these choices is that they go great with simple meals cooked out. And don’t forget the potato chips! Light, a variety of portable packages, and again, a great addition to most meals. Most of these snack won’t take up valuable room in a cooler, making them even more ideal.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when enjoying the great outdoors is no exception. For a quick start early in the morning, cold cereal and milk can be a lifesaver. For families, or those who enjoy variety, consider a selection of single serving boxes rather then carrying several large boxes or bags. Another quick option, especially on cool mornings, is a canister of quick oats or a box of instant oatmeal. Several varieties require only adding boiling water. A few minutes and breakfast is ready. Not everyone wants to start the day in a hurry, especially during relaxation hours. A more hearty and satisfying breakfast choice that is also fun to cook outside is pancakes. Bring along a simple mix, some syrup, and a little butter and everyone is happy. Or try cooking eggs with some bacon or sausage. Just don’t forget the coffee!

Best Foods breakfast camping

Lunch is the easiest meal of them all when on a camping trip. Save the fuss and clean-up for later in the day. Pack a few loaves of bread, and sandwiches are on the menu. Try packing the classics, peanut butter and jelly is always popular, and if there’s any extra room in the cooler bring along American cheese slices and a little ham or turkey. Add is some chips and carrot sticks and it’s a filling meal. It’s quick, it’s easy, and clean-up is too. This is especially good for camping parents. Most kids like baby carrots and they come in small individual packs as well.

Dinner is usually a leisurely affair, but there’s no reason that it can’t be fun as well. Grill-out favorites like hamburgers and hot dogs are perfect for camping. Cook the hot dogs over an open fire, then after dinner break out chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers for making s’mores. Adults and children love this, some things are classics for a reason. Or try bringing a bag of pasta and some spaghetti sauce. Anything that makes a quick meal at home is usually perfect for hitting the trail. Foil wrapped baked potatoes or ears of corn are a always a favorite, especially if the trip includes fishing. A good hot meal is a satisfying way to end the day.

The Best Food To Take Camping Has to Include Dessert

And we all know the roasting marshmallows are the only thing to mention here. Grab a stick, sharpen it and make sure to have graham crackers and chocolate as well.

Best Foods dessert camping

Don’t forget to bring plenty to drink. Bottles of water are portable and help to keep everyone hydrated. Several popular brands make packets of lemonade or other fruit drinks that can be added in for variety, or fizzing tablets that kids love. Soda is also popular, but can also by dehydrating, so make sure to bring several options. Coffee is a must have for mornings, and it’s just not breakfast without it. Hot chocolate or tea is a great to enjoy during or after dinner, especially when the nights start getting chilly. With so many great options available, there is no reason why meals cooked out or eaten on the trail can’t be as filling and fun as they are at home. Be creative and have a great time!

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