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There is nothing better than getting out in the sunshine and exploring the outdoors. As the weather starts to warm up, many parents and caregivers are searching for new ways to allow kids to enjoy the fresh air without spending a fortune. Luckily, there are many outdoor activities that will allow children to have fun outdoors that don’t cost anything. The following three activities are loved by parents and children alike, and all of them are free!

  1. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: A great way to get kids exploring the outdoors is to make your own scavenger hunt. Have them search for items that are commonly found outside, such as butterflies or flowers. Make a list of the items they need to find and then set a timer. The challenge of having the find the items fast just adds to the excitement. Once an item is found, take a second to examine it with the child and be ready to provide some fun facts about it.
  2. Plaster Footprints: Another activity that kids enjoy doing outdoors is creating plasters of animal tracks. To do this activity, you will need to find a location, preferably near water, that animals frequent. You can make your own plaster mix by using ingredients commonly found in the home. Mix three cups of flour with one or two cups of water to make your plaster. Once you find a print that you want to make a cast of, place a thin piece of foil over the print and mold it to fit. Next, pour your plaster in the foil and wait for it set. While you are waiting for the plaster to set use the time to discuss the animal that made the print.
  3. Make a Toad House: A toad house is something that can be easily made from old materials lying around the house. All you need is an old container, such as a ceramic flower pot or coffee container. Don’t worry if it is broken, they will still work. Dig a hole in a shady area that you want to put your toad house. Next, place the container sideways in the hole and bury half of it. The end result will be a semi-circle that the toad can crawl in. To entice a toad to visit your new home, place a saucer of water near the entrance and fill their home with leaves. Allow the child to decorate the house any way they want.

Free Outdoor Activities for Kids

The great thing about the activities listed above is that they are not only free, but also educational. These activities will allow children to get hands-on with nature and learn about the wildlife living near their home. They will also provide a good bonding tool between parents and children, as all of the activities require some adult assistance. By enjoying these free outdoor activities for kids you will allow your child to explore the outdoors, get fresh air, and develop a love of the natural world around them.

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