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In colorful Colorado, there is a rugged and majestic range of mountains known for its mesmerizing scenery. The San Juan Mountain range is glorious in any season, in fact, over 200,000 people traveled through just one town in the San Juans last year. You might wonder what brings these people to visit. Well, it is diverse attractions that span hundreds of miles and dozens of towns that are big and small. No matter what region of these mountains you visit you will fall in love with its glorious scenery.

All along the San Juan mountains, you will find old frontier towns that started in the 19th century, when the mining boom hit the San Juan mountains. From their historic downtowns and beautiful Victorian style and old log cabin homes, you can see the legacy left behind from not only miners but also trappers, adventurers, and lumberjacks.

Visitors Guide to the San Juan Mountains in ColoradoIf you want to step out of the town and take a drive, you won’t find a better route than the one through these mountain ranges. Along the winding drive, you will get a picturesque view of these wildly beautiful mountains. You can encounter every type of natural beauty you could imagine.

Starting in the high altitude town of Telluride, you can see 43 of the prominent peaks of the San Juan. As you drive down into the valley, you drive through a lush forest and can spot various wildlife, including massive elk and maybe even a bear or two.

Once you get to the Valley, you can take a slow drive through many small towns including the town of Paonia where you can stop off and buy a bag of their widely renowned cherries. You might even be lucky enough to visit during their Cherry Days Festival and pick a few cherries for yourself.

If you keep exploring the same route, you will find the beautiful town of Lake City. Lake City is surrounded by two 14,000 foot mountains that are known as Red Cloud Peak and Sunshine Peak. The snow that melts off of these two peaks, fills the lake San Cristobal, famous for its trout fishing.

After you take a relaxing cruise, it’s time to put on your hiking boots and bug spray. With over 6 prominent hiking trails spanning from 11 to almost 500 miles long, you are sure to find something to suit your tastes. If you are an explorer with the urge to put on a pack and spend a few weeks in the wild, you can climb to the highest peaks. If you climb high enough, it seems as if you can almost reach the stars. Alternatively, if you are a nature lover with the desire to just relax in the great outdoors, there are many campgrounds that make adventuring a cool breeze.

Whether you want to want to enjoy the rich history through its towns, catch monster trout, capture stunning photography of beautiful terrain and wildlife, or take a hike and get lost in nature, the San Juan Mountain range has everything you could ask for and more. Don’t wait, come visit beautiful Colorado now and see what you have been missing!

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